Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before



How can I describe the lovely 3 hours that we had this afternoon & more importantly what had become a once distant memory from years ago became a reality once again. Unthinkable that such intense pleasure (MALE-ESCORT-SERVICES) has been locked away & through circumstance revealed once again.
Truly amazing that you could tap into the sensual me.
I am ever so grateful for your help on this soul searching journey.
Until we meet again.


Thank you Rene for an incredible night. You left me with a great feeling. I am shining constantly; people even started complementing me on how good I look. I realise that it has something to do with our date. I wanted to scream at work what a great feeling having an orgasm is, but I remained silent. I don’t want to lose this amazing, free feeling of luck. I am still thinking whether to make another appointment. It is a nice and safe feeling to try other positions with you.


What an amazing experience, my night with you. I came to you to feel a bit of the warmth and tenderness what I have missed due to circumstances lately, however you gave me so much more. I truly had an amazing relaxing and at the same time exciting night with you and the energy I got from this did not leave at all. Many sleepless nights I have had lately, however this was a night I laid awake with a smile on my face after seeing you. You are such a great lover. I assure you, you’ll be seeing me again!


It was just amazing with Rene, I have enjoyed it immensely. Walked around with a big smile on my face the days after! Best sex I ever had? I thought it was really amazing how he could make me feel so comfortable and everything went so natural. It was a lovely experience, one I won’t forget and probably will happen again, when I’ll be celebrating my next mile-stone!


Amazed by all the references with high grades… But from me, he receives it as well!! Rene is a beautiful person with an incredible gift, loving and sincere. Made this appointment together with my husband. Exciting and definitely worth a follow up! We are still enjoying it… Till the next time!


If you really want to enjoy sex and eroticism or you would just like to be pampered, I would make an appointment with Rene. He definitely changed my sex-life! He is real tender, takes all the time to pamper you and gives you all the pleasure. I definitely did not want to miss this experience.


It is for sure that Rene helps you to get over obstacles. He is sweet, subtle, a great lover and makes sure there is a right atmosphere to get you relaxing. Besides looking well groomed he also looks really good. Definitely a recommendation.


It was silly, but it went its own way. I had never experienced it before, not even mentioning that I expected this from me. It was amazing, I feel woman all over again. I can enjoy again, what a liberating feeling it is. Thank you Rene (MALE ESCORTS) for such a great night.

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