Encounter eroticism with one of the most experienced suitors of the Netherlands, like you have never experienced it before

Gigolo Reviews


Dutch ladies, I truly recommend you this Gigolo. I actually planned only to meet once, but this plan failed… Quickly a sequel followed. The massage only is already amazing! The four hours will go by real quick, and it is enjoyment just like you want it. A safe and upright way.


I truly feel incredible! I can almost feel the adrenaline and endorphin floating through my body, what a string of energy! Going to bed was very difficult, I couldn’t stop smiling…..dreams and fantasies about the top I have reached a couple of times…I still can’t believe that I just did this. However it did so much to me and I am even considering making a second appointment….Thank you (GIGOLO AMSTERDAM) for the incredible night!


Life sometimes takes a different turn than expected. Due to circumstances I haven’t been sexually active for a couple of years, however the feelings stay. Missed the intimacy a lot. Did not feel like having a relationship, but more what defines one. Even I overcame my shame and made an appointment. Soon followed a second one….. Amazing to be loved from head till your toes again and Wow! Respectful, loving, tender and knowing (without having difficult conversations) how a woman should be loved. In short, pamper yourself and enjoy!


You are a beautiful and sweet man (Male Escort). I find it real special that you can give so much love to a strange woman, I have enjoyed making love to you and your massages were incredible as well. Lying in your arms and feeling safe felt amazing. It all felt really familiar. I am much more confident in life, I just did this! I know I can be amazing in bed. Thank you for such a great experience.


Super! Amazing! Fantastic!
It all started spontaneously, but it will definitely get a follow up! I have enjoyed for four hours in a row, a recommendation!!


Thank you for such a great night. It was really amazing and I have really enjoyed it! I slept through the day yesterday with the thoughts of our amazing night!
I feel very good, with a little pain in my muscles, hihi!
I am very glad we have met.
You are very sweet and handles it great. Really something to be proud of. The nerves I had, were gone real quick.


So much had happened to me that I could not enjoy sex anymore. I wanted to give myself the chance for once. For me it was really terrifying and very exciting at the same time. I even reached the point to cancel the appointment. Never thought it could be so intense. You really don’t know what is happening. Thank you so much (HIGH CLASS ESCORT) for such a special night. Especially your serenity and tenderness that completely relaxed me, did so much for me. The day afterwards I was shaken, but felt no guilt at all. There will definitely be a next appointment. Love Monique.


After hesitating for a long time I dared to make the step of making an appointment with Rene.

I fantasised a lot about it upfront. However I never dared to dream that our date would be so warm, intimate, tender as it was. Rene perfectly knew how to make me feel comfortable.

I (29) had never been intimate with a man before and that was a real obstacle for me when it came down to men (shame).

Rene took me along on this great road of discovery! This night gave me more confidence and because of Rene I feel all woman again.

So looking for a great night? You definitely have to contact Rene. Ladies you are warned. After the 1st time, you just want more!

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