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Gigolo Reviews

In the reviews below you can read how women experienced an appointment with me. The first names are fictional.

Heather The Hague

My childhood was downright unsafe, with sexual abuse and violence. I have had therapy for this for years, but I also wanted to experience real warmth and intimacy. I found it very scary but I took the step to make contact with gigolo Rene. Our first date was in a hotel. Rene put me at ease so sweetly and was so gentle. The first date we just talked, hugged and he massaged me. On the second date we went a step further and he touched me intimately. Step by step we will soon meet a third time. The combination of positive physical attention and therapy is exactly what I need. Thank you so much, you’re an angel!


34 years old and still a virgin. It became more and more a thing. My life has turned out like this, but of course I also wished to experience what everyone is so excited about. Tinder or dating apps were too scary for me, so I started looking for a professional. Gigolo René’s site really appealed to me and after a long hesitation I finally sent him that app. The rest is history; we had an appointment and it was a big success. René initiated me wonderfully into the world of intimacy and sex. It was so nice with him, he is very sweet and at the right moments also very decisive. Now I can move on, very happy that I took the step!

Liza Paris

“GIGOLO RENE” is super! He is sweet, involved, proficient and experienced.


I’ve had vaginismus for years. This came after a sexual assault by an acquaintance. It really locked me down and I’ve struggled with intimacy and sex ever since. When I had to be in Amsterdam for a week for work, I looked for a sweet gigolo, and found René. A stranger in a country and city unknown to me and my acquaintances. Anonymity was very important to me. We immediately agreed for three appointments that week. The first time we only dealt with massaging and touching, which really relaxed me, there was no pressure to go further than that. The following days were a dream; I gained confidence in myself and was able to relax so, that René could touch me intimately and on day three we managed to have ‘real sex’ together. I now know what I need to go on. René really gave me the push I needed to make progress. Wow!


Dutch ladies, I truly recommend you this “High Class Gigolo”. I actually planned only to meet once, but this plan failed… Quickly a sequel followed. The massage only is already amazing! The four hours will go by real quick, and it is enjoyment just like you want it. A safe and upright way. Kat Amsterdam.

Carmen Amsterdam

While I can’t undo the sexual abuse that happened to me, I figured I could try to deal with it. Gigolo/sex coach René helped me with this in a very nice and soft way. We had a few dates and thanks to him, I can now enjoy intimacy and being touched again. I feel more confident and ready to start dating a little bit.


It was just amazing with gigolo Rene, I have enjoyed it immensely. Walked around with a big smile on my face the days after! Best sex I ever had? I thought it was really amazing how he could make me feel so comfortable and everything went so natural. It was a lovely experience, one I won’t forget and probably will happen again, when I’ll be celebrating my next mile-stone!

Babette and Nick

I have to say that I, Babette, have astonished myself by doing a treesome with a gigolo, but I can only say one that and that is that it truly was amazing. I know for sure that this will not be the last time. Our sex life was already good, but because of this it seems even greater and I cannot get enough. Thank you for being so sweet and you definitely elicited something in me I did not know I had. Thank you for this beautiful experience and you definitely know how to treat a woman. Babette and Nick UK.

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