Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch glossy ‘Vrouw Magazine’

Below is the written text of the (follow-up) article ‘Gigolo René heeft me ‘aan’gezet‘, from the supplement ‘Vrouw Magazine’ of Dutch daily newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’. By Daphne van Rossum.

Everyone can still remember one: a story from VROUW magazine that touched you and won’t let go. Because you recognize yourself in it or because you are surprised about it. How would that one woman be doing now, so many months or years later? This week: Lisanne. After a bad marriage and over ten years without sex, she took the plunge and made an appointment with a gigolo. We spoke to Lisanne in July 2014. How is she now?

Lisanne: “Gigolo Rene turned me ‘on'”

Lisanne lives in an ordinary neighbourhood, in an ordinary town. But behind her front door hides an unusual story. Her neighbors know nothing about the adventures this lady has had and she wants to keep it that way. She does however want to tell her story again, to ‘inspire other women’, because she herself had a very good experience with ‘her’ gigolo, René.

Lisanne is a middle-aged woman. She has a sturdy build, is visibly comfortable in her skin, and looks tastefully dressed. She exudes pragmatism, zest for life and fun. That has been different, she says. “I was in survival mode for a long time: my feeling was completely turned off. That lasted until three years after my divorce. Then I took that action with the gigolo, that turned my feeling back on.”

She shows a photograph of a woman. “That’s me right after the divorce,” she says. You hardly recognize her in the photo. The woman she once was and the woman she is now are two very different types. One matte, the other sparkling.

Good flow

“When you’re ‘off’ you don’t realize that at all. After René I ended up in a good flow, men, work and normal life. I quit my permanent job and started my own business. I really came into my power (partly) because of him. I have the confidence that I will make it. I also started dating, even went to a speed dating event, I thought that was terrible, but I had fun with my girlfriend. I have now met a man with whom I occasionally go out for dinner. We will see each other again this weekend. Before I went to see René, I did not dare to date at all. Let alone speak to someone in the pub. My self-confidence was completely gone. I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin and thought I was too fat. I didn’t think anyone would find me attractive.


“I have never been afraid to fall in love with René. I see it as a service, perhaps something therapeutic. He dates different types of women; single women, women with vaginismus, or women like me who haven’t had sex in a long time. Or who have never even had sex at all. I was really awakened by him. In terms of costs, I thought it was not too bad. It is something like 300 euros and René takes plenty of time for you, around 3 hours. There was no time pressure. He likes it and it gives him satisfaction to indulge women.”

“There are no photos on his site, but once I went to meet him, he sent me one on request. He is not exactly my type. I like taller men, René is slightly taller than me. The reason I went back was because I wanted to learn from him how to deal with men sexually. I’ve never felt the need for another gigolo.”

“Even if I can only persuade just a few women who will have even a fraction of the fun I’ve had, then my mission is accomplished.”