Enjoy eroticism like never before with one of the most experienced gigolos of the Netherlands

Dutch magazine ‘Mijn Geheim’

The originally Dutch article ‘Mijn leven als gigolo’, from the Dutch magazine ‘Mijn Geheim’, can be read here. Text by Marjolein Straatman. The translated text of the article is written out below.

“My life as a gigolo”

Gigolo René loves to love women

René (35) has a special job. A few times a week he visits women who hire him as a gigolo. Except for his ex-girlfriend and his clients, no one knows this. “Otherwise people just talk badly about me,” he says.

I am very aware of the taboo surrounding gigolos.
The first time I visited a woman as a gigolo, I made the mistake of going too fast. In the swingers clubs I had been visiting for a number of years I had become accustomed to women who are taking the initiative, active women, so this was a completely different setting from what I was used to. It wasn’t really successful this first time and the lady didn’t have to pay me for this either.

The second time was a great success. It was a date with couple and the woman looked really great. The evening went as it should and I even got paid for it! The following days I walked with my head in the clouds.

One learns by doing and I have learned, among other things, that women take longer to get in the mood than men. Since I want to deliver quality, I deliberately schedule about 3 to 4 hours for each appointment. I always follow my heart and that usually goes very well. I understand that a first date with a gigolo is very nerve-racking for many women and on rare occasions a woman drinks a little too much to muster up courage. This is difficult for me because I don’t really get into the mood of half-drunk women.

I am good looking, well-groomed, courteous, friendly, well-mannered and have a sense of humour. I’m not a director type, nor a macho one, but more of the gentle and sweet type. I also take good care of my hygiene and do not take any health risks. I always make sure I have protection with me. Of course I always approach the women I meet attentively. With respect, love and warmth. Sometimes that also means I just listen or hold their hand if they want. That I caress them, hug them or just give them a shoulder to cry on. Or, of course, we make love, we role play or we live out a fantasy.

One of my dates said, “I make love to my husband, but
with you I have fun in bed”

As said, making an appointment is often a big step for women to take. Larger than for men. In general, it all starts easy with a few emails back and forth before an appointment is made at all.

I send pictures of myself, first faceless, then with face, and finally in underwear. By e-mail I get an impression of the woman’s experiences and wishes. In most cases I visit the women at their home, other appointments take place in hotels. What kind of women hire me? That is very diverse.

  • Single women between 25 and 35 years old, who usually want to gain sexual experience and find it exciting to make an appointment with a gigolo.
  • In addition, couples, modern couples, mostly young, who want to have a threesome as icing on the cake. Sometimes a man finds it exciting to see his wife engaged with another man and she also finds this exciting. Usually the relationship between the couples is very good, which is also nice for me.
  • There are also women who are divorced and have small children who would like to be intimate with a man again.
  • In the end you also have the women who are unhappy in their relationship or have a man with a busy job. They are bored and looking for excitement.

I always take my time with a woman and usually suggest starting with a non-erotic massage to ease the tension. Then, if everything goes well and she agrees, an erotic massage follows. What happens next depends on the woman.

Sometimes I am also hired by less sexually active women or women with a history of sexual violence. Of course I don’t solve psychological problems within four hours, but it’s so wonderful when these women happen to enjoy themselves again. That gives me great satisfaction.

On average I have about two dates a week, half of which are follow-up appointments. The first half is on weekends and the other half on weekdays. It’s convenient that I’m self employed and have no kids. In this way I am basically available 24/7.

How do I feel about making love to an unknown woman? I have no problem making love to less attractive ladies. Hygiene and politeness are much more important to me. I also get vulgar e-mails or phone calls, but I want nothing to do with this and this never results in an appointment. Besides my clients, only my ex-girlfriend Anneke knows that I do this work. We have never told our social circle that we visited swingers clubs and we also keep this to ourselves. I am well aware of the taboo surrounding gigolos and their use. Actually very strange, because ladies of pleasure are visited a million times a year in the Netherlands.

I think it would be very good for women to spend a few hours with a good lover. For many women, this will never happen. I find this very sad. An orgasm is unfortunately not self-evident for a lot of women. And I’m sorry to say this, but most men don’t know how women wished to be loved.

Unfortunately, it is not done in our free and modern country to just make an appointment with men like me. Women do make appointments with the hairdresser and the beautician, they let themselves be pampered in a spa. Why not on an erotic level? I love it when I see women enjoying their sexuality, and I regret that they usually don’t allow themselves an erotic date.

I can’t think of many cons of this job. Maybe I often have to drive for hours for my appointments and therefore often don’t go to bed until late. I also find it difficult when a man shows little respect for his wife, but I say nothing about that.

The prior contact I have with potential clients quickly separates the good from the bad. Lucky for me, I haven’t really experienced any bad things. In my opinion the lesser sides don’t outweigh the good sides. Every new appointment is exciting, it gives me a kick.

I don’t see my life as a double life just because no one knows I’m a gigolo. Twice a week I go out to do something different from other people. I enjoy this immensely. One of my dates said to me: ‘I make love with my husband, I have fun in bed with you’. I thought this was a nice description. And that’s how I see it as well. I have fun with a woman for a few hours, and when she looks back on it, she should have a smile on her face. It’s thrilling, you don’t know who or what you’re going to meet.

One’s sex life is still taboo for many today. I don’t know how my regular clients would react if they know about my ‘other job’. I don’t want to take the risk of them reacting strange or annoyed. Also I live in a small community, where everyone knows each other. That’s why I don’t tell anyone. Most of the people I meet in swingers clubs also keep their visits a secret. In my life as a paid lover I fortunately have never met anyone that I know. But in theory it could be that an acquaintance would hire me. I think if this were to happen there are two options. Option one: I leave and we never saw or emailed each other. Option two: we do the deed, and from then on we share a secret. I’ve never met a customer on the street either, so I don’t know how that would go. But in the years that I visited swingers clubs, I have already met a number of acquaintances. Lucky for me, I’ve never felt weird about this. I see one person regularly through my regular job. We greet each other kindly. It’s kind of a secret code of conduct that we have.

At the moment I am not in a relationship, but I am open to it. I think this can be combined with my work as a gigolo. In a relationship you share intimacy, so do I. And you are there for each other for better or for worse. Visiting swingers clubs and my work as a gigolo are separate from that as far as I’m concerned. In my previous relationship, we were able to separate those things well. So I don’t expect any real problems in a future relationship. It can go together, I know. My ex-girlfriend and I see swingers clubs as relaxation. We both like this. We make it fun. We go out and eat, dance and flirt a bit. And more. Changing partners is unthinkable for some, but I see it as having fun, as playing. How do I see my future? I would like to be a full-time gigolo, because then I could turn my hobby into my job. But for now that is not the case.

I sometimes fantasize that I will be in a retirement home one day and how I would tell my story. I think people will say right away that I am demented.